Shop Around: V.A.M.P. It Up Saturday with Vintage Apparel from the 1920s through ‘90s


VAMP founders Marji Ayati and Jacqueline Stringham of Pony Up! Vintage. Photo courtesy of Pony Up! Vintage.

Pony Up! Vintageis hosting what it bills as Atlanta’s first Vintage Apparel Market Place, or V.A.M.P. for short, at Scott Lowden Photography Studio (634 North Highland Ave. in Poncey-Highland) this Sat. Aug. 27 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entry is just $5 to browse some of the Southeast’s finest vendors of vintage clothes and accessories dating from the Roaring Twenties to the Nineties, snack on tasty vittles from the Good Food Truck, sip a relaxing, listen to music spun by DJ Zano and pose in a vintage photo booth courtesy of Sweet Darlin’ Photography.

Pony Up! Co-proprietresses Jacqueline Stringham and Marji Ayati dreamed up VAMP as a one-stop vintage market, where both casual and serious Retro couture enthusiasts can expect to find everything from floral frocks to cocktail couture to everything in between. While teaching English in Japan in 2009, Jacqueline fell in love with Japanese fabrics and collecting vintage Japanese clothes. Back in the US, she and Marji teamed up to sell vintage clothes and host vintage pop-up sales, culminating in VAMP. She was kind enough to give us a sneak peek, clue us in on why she loves Japanese and Sweden wares and share a few tips on starting up a vintage sales business.

How many vintage vendors have signed up and what range of items can shoppers expect to find?

We are happy to announce there will be 14 vendors at VAMP (for a complete list, click here) VAMP concentrates on quality vintage clothing and accessories (bags, jewelry, footwear). We deem vintage to be anything 20 years or older and will have items from 1920-1990s. We do have two vendors that deal vintage jewelry.  Nothing is vintage-inspired and made today; everything is vintage.


I understand there’s a special bonus for the first 100 people through the door?

Yes, there is a Catlanta-designed tote bag [and a Rooster 14 cookie] for the first 100 people with their $5 admission.  Meow!


Bunny Day Vintage is one of 14 vendors at VAMP this Sat. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Stringham.

What other fun stuff is in store?

Sounds will be provided by DJ Zano, there’ll be a vintage photo booth by Sweet Darlin’, food by The Good Food Truck….and BEER!

What kinds of places did you shop in Japan and what did you collect?

I shopped at vintage stores in Tokyo and Osaka. It was hard for me to find vintage anywhere else as they don’t have thrift stores like we have in USA. I bought dresses! They have a lot of USA vintage in their vintage shops, so it was a struggle to find items actually made in Japan as they really don’t value old things.


You’re also pretty jazzed about Swedish vintage. How did that get started and what’s so special about Sweden when it comes to Retro finds.

Marji and I went on vacation in Sweden and fell in love with shopping there and were able to find some great things. It isn’t just that Sweden is so “special,” it is that finding vintage items from all over the world makes you feel more connected to other cultures and can be inspired by foreign design.

Why the name Pony Up!?

It is fun, very tongue-in-cheek, youthful.


Some beautiful Retro shoes from Wartown Vintage, another VAMP vendor. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Stringham.

Atlanta has quite a few antique markets and vintage shops, although not as many great ones as it used to. Why did you and Marji decide to start pop-up sales?

We didn’t have the funds to have our own store, so this has been the best way for us to reach people and take the time to  build and cultivate PonyUp! as best we can in this hard economy. Being portable also makes it easier to reach a wide audience and go to a variety of events.

What are some of your favorite Atlanta thrift stores for that amazing find?

Sorry, some secrets we keep to ourselves!  I like Rag-O-Rama to shop for myself though!  Kudzu Antique Market has some great vintage pieces.

What top three tips do you have for someone interested in getting started as a vintage vendor?

Find a way to stand out from the crowd, stick with it because times are tough and you won’t be an overnight success, so expect a bumpy road, develop your thrifting eye and always be looking at what young people are wearing on the streets/looking at clothing blogs.And most important, get a good camera or photographer. Photographing clothing for Internet/promotion has been our biggest mountain to climb.


Ryan O'Neal and Marisa Berenson in Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON. Photo credit: Warner Bros.

What Retro question do you wish someone would ask you and they never do? And what’s the answer, of course?

What is the best costumed movie? BARRY LYNDON, hands down….it is a 1975 period film directed by Stanley Kubrick.  It is undeniably gorgeous, featuring some of the most sumptuous set and costume design.

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