This Week in ATLRetro – HOME-EDITION, March 16-22, 2020

by Melanie Crew
Managing Editor

We at ATLRetro care about your heath and well-being, so This Week we are bringing you our special Home-Edition celebrating our own local artists, musicians, filmmakers and more – a week’s worth of retro-tastic fun you can experience straight from your couch!

Monster Madness Monday, March 16

Find out who the real monster is in Jack Smight’s FRANKENSTEIN: THE TRUE STORY (1973) streaming on Amazon Prime! Or get monsterific and check out Monsterama’s Kool Kat Anthony Taylor’s Etsy page, Pop Kulture Vulture! Rock out and tune into Kool Kat Rev. Andy Hawley’s Psychobilly Freakout Radio broadcasting on Garage 71 at 8pm, every Monday! Or horror punk it up with Kool Kats, The Casket Creatures and check out their official video for “The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb!” Dirk Hays, purveyor of all this is monstrous and weird, makes art, so why not check out Art by Dirk!

Tune It Up Tuesday, March 17

Kool Kat Jeffrey Butzer has released a new EP PARTIALISMS which can be purchased here. In honor of Genesis P-Orridge, check out Throbbing Gristle, or their great live performance of “Hamburger Lady!” We know you need your swingin’ Joe Gransden fix, so why not visit his site and catch a video or two of his, including him and his band swingin’ it up at Café 290, here! Check out our Retro Review of The BeatlesA HARD DAYS’ NIGHT (1964), also streaming on Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube and more!


Way Back Wednesday, March 18

Check out some foot-stompin’ in-home entertainment! Get “Hot Wired” with Kool Kat Spike Fullerton and Ghost Riders Car Club! Or boogie down with Kool Kat Hot Rod Walt & The Psycho DeVilles and their new album, RUMBLE ROAD now available for download and purchase! Like old-school film? Why not check out the AV Club’s cool article on 20th Century Flicks! While Emory Cinematheque had to cancel their African-Americans in American Film Series screening of Julie Dash’s DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (1991), you can catch it streaming on Amazon Prime!

Throwback Thursday, March 19

Alice Bag announces new album, SISTER DYNAMITE due out April 24 on In The Red Records /Video! Check out rule-bending, award-winning author and Kool Kat Nancy A. Collins and purchase her books here! Alt-country it up with Drive-By Truckers’ new LP THE UNRAVELING which arrived via ATO Records and released Friday, January 31! Watch “ARMAGEDDON’S BACK IN TOWN!” Get the Chicago/Delta blues with The Breeze Kings and purchase their tunes and merchandise here! Or check out the ‘80s progressive-esque, The ButtertonesJAZZHOUND!


Fiercely Weird ‘n’ Vintage Friday, March 20

Check out 7 Stages’ YouTube channel here to live stream, and while you’re at it, purchase a gift certificate or two to help now and see art later here! Get your vintage jewelry with Jezebel Blue and your retro style fix with 2the9s Retro! Check out our Retro Review of Dario Argento’s DEEP RED (1975), and stream it on Amazon Prime! Want some cool vintage art? Why not check out our Kool Kat Derek Yaniger, and creator of our ATLRetro logo! Or for some Weird words, check out author and Kool Kat Michael Wehunt! Check out our Retro Review of Frank Pavich’s JODOROWSKY’S DUNE (2013), and stream it at Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube and more! Or check out Kool Kat Daniel Griffith’s Ballyhoo Motion Pictures for his long list of DVD/Blu-ray extras and documentaries!

Spooktastic Saturday, March 21

Shane Morton – Silver Scream FX Lab

Kool Kat Shane Morton,  and Silver Scream FX Lab offers one hellacious merch store with monster masks, art and more! Check it out here! Kyle Yaklin gets creaturific with his creature masks and more! Or check out Jonathan Chaffin’s Horror in Clay, offering tiki mugs filling your every monster madness need! Creature Feature it up and stream Merian C. Cooper’s KING KONG (1933) on Amazon Prime! Check out Lynne Hansen’s art featuring book covers for horror writers and more! Or take a gander at our Retro Review of Michael J. Paradise’s THE VISITOR (1979), filmed in Atlanta, and streaming at Amazon Prime, Vudu and more! Check out local independent horror filmmakers, Kool Kat Dayna Noffke and Kool Kat Vanessa Ionta Wright!

Sci-Fi, Shoppin’ ‘n’ more Sunday, March 22

Sci-fi it up this Sunday and check out our RETRO REVIEW of Robert Wise’s THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951), stream available at Amazon Prime! Looking for some rare spooky jewelry and more? Why not check out Kool Kat Aileen Loy’s Lovely Hoodoo, or Rebecca Perry’s DeathKiss Designs, or Crystal ChambersBleeding Heart Curio! Hiromi Kanda, Japanese vocalist Who Keeps Alive the Great American Songbook, releases SEVEN ELEGANT BALLADS!

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